_MG_2663Despite a cooler day, the 63rd Holyoke St. Patrick’s  Parade was another great day in Holyoke. Joined by my colleagues: Rep. Paul Mark; Rep. Angelo Puppolo; Rep. Tom Conroy; Rep. Brian Ashe; Hampshire Register of Deeds Mary Olberding; and Mike Lake, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, we joined the thousands of marchers and tens of thousands of parade watchers in celebration. For me, it was great to see familiar faces and friends on the parade route, but I was most proud to be marching with my wife Debra and son Odin (though he slept through much of the parade). It was also an honor to march with all of this year’s award winners, especially Team Hoyt, this year’s JFK award winner, and get to be inspired by their message of Yes We Can. I believe that yes we can be one Holyoke, and yes we can be a great city once again, and yes we can keep this tradition of the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day going for another 63 years. – Aaron Vega