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On behalf of my extended family and my grandfather, Charles E. Allard, a WWII veteran, I would like to thank the five out of 22 Western Massachusetts politicians who attended theHolyoke Soldiers’ Home public Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 23. The elected officials included:

Representatives John Velis, D-Westfied, Aaron Vega, D-Holyoke, Carlos Gonzalez D- Springfield, Michael Finn, D-West Springfield and Sen. Donald Humason, Second Hamden and Hampshire District.

Their active interest in the changes and challenges facing this essential facility is a tribute to the concern they have for our military veterans and their families. I am glad we can count on their support, as the road ahead may be tumultuous and difficult.

I hope to see more of our political delegation involved in this important discussion that directly affects the men and women who have sacrificed for our country.